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Imbewu Full Episodes can never do wrong in his mother's eyes😂 I wish I had a mom like Grace😏 I could get away with a lot guys did yall see how Jewel stood up next to Didi like yeah im with mumzy on this one. Mama ka Jewel tShadow put on your wig girl let's see you seduce your way out of this one his line killed me, Didihai Am in love with Dintle and Romeo's scenes. I always put them on replay 😂😂😍😘 Mama ka Jewel 😍😍😍😍...that’ was cute Grace is so sweet and very understanding 🤔😍 I love her relationship with Romeo. Looks real 😍😍 Can romeo stop helping these pipo... What's with this telemundolove.? The Langa family saga is boring asf I skip it like literally 🤯Boniswa speaks Grace's launguagehayibo. Love south africanppleEish that was soo sweet..KaShado is in hot water, i hope she gets locked away for a long time Shado your time has come... Mthunzi is giving me stressLoving Scandal from Ghana Shado don't look so smashing hot anymore😒Amazing what a weave and make up can do hey 😏Boniswa speaking sepedi💖 I

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