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This drug is used for the treatment of os osteoporosis and its prevention in women after their menopause period. The Ralista 60 Mg drug helps women to eliminate the risk of potential breast cancer risk that might be building in their bodies. This medicine should not be taken by the patients who have a history of blood disorders such as clotting. If you are a woman who has still not hit her menopause phase, this is not the drug for you.

Manufacturer Of The Drug
The manufacturer of the drug is Cipla India. This company is one of the leading pharmaceutical company which exports and imports drugs in various health domains.

Strength of Ralista 60 Mg
The strength of the drug Ralista is 60 mg. The Ralista 60 mg contains the main ingredient or salt Raloxifene. The drug is available in many dosage strengths and powers. One can get this drug in many other substitutes and dosage powers easily. This drug should only be bought after consulting the doctor about your problem.

The drug is available in many medical stores, pharmaceutical shops, and offline and online stores. The drug is available in other powers too but only the needed power should be bought after consulting the doctor regarding your problem.

International Brand Which Is Considered To Be Equivalent To Ralista 60 Mg
The international brand which is considered almost equivalent to the drug- Ralista 60 Mg is:

Uses Of The Ralista 60 Mg
The drug is used for the following medical conditions:
Prevention of breast cancer

Working Mechanism Of The Ralista 60 Mg
The drug: Ralista 60 Mg works as the hormone estrogen which is responsible for many functions in the human body. The drug helps by saving women from bone loss. Osteoporosis is a common problem in women who reach an older age.

How to Take The Ralista 60 Mg?
The drug should only be taken at a fixed time as instructed by the doctor. Do not take the medicine without the consultation of the doctor. There is no compulsion of taking the drug with or without food. But the drug should not be stopped in between the treatment pathway.

The tablet should not be crushed or chewed while it is in your oral cavity. The tablets should be taken as a whole at a fixed time along with a big glass of water.

For How Long Should The Drug Be Taken?
The drug should be taken for as long as the doctor recommends you to. Do not start the medicine without the proper consultation of your doctor or gynecologist. The drug should only be taken after a proper discussion about your bone disease.

Do not stop the medicine after you start noticing the effects. If you stop the medicine, it might lead to withdrawal effects that are not at all healthy for your body.

What Happens If A Patient Misses The Dose?
If a patient misses their dose they should take it as soon as they remember it. But if the patient is near the time od taking the next dose on their schedule, they should skip the dose entirely.

Do not overdose to cover the next dose. Overdosing the drug or taking a double dose might lead to adverse drug effects.
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What If A Patient Overdoses On The Drug?
If a patient overdoses on the drug it might lead to adverse drug effects. Patients should not take a double dose under any circumstances. This might lead to adverse drug effects which can be harmful to the female body.

Common Drug Interactions With The Ralista 60 Mg
The Ralista 60 mg can show drug interactions with other drugs too. This is the reason why we advise patients who take Ralista 60 Mg to consult properly with a doctor. The doctor should be well versed with all your past and present medical history. Inform your doctor about your past medical conditions, disorders, diseases, medications, drugs, lifestyle choices, and all other health supplements that you might b currently taking.

Some of the drug interactions with the Ralista 60 Mg could even be life-threatening and lead to serious drug effects. Some of the common drug interactions that have been reported are given below:

Choltron (This drug has proved to be life-threatening when interacted with Ralista 60 Mg. This drug is available in various substitutes and should be completely avoided when the patient is taking Ralista 60 mg)


The drug can also interact with some of the medical conditions such as

Kidney diseases
Disorders in the liver

When Should A Patient Not Take The Ralista 60 Mg Drug?
Below are some of the conditions when the patient should not use the drug at all:

If he or she has ever developed an anaphylactic or hypersensitive reaction to the drug.
If the drug is not showing any result after few weeks
If the woman is pregnant
If the woman is in her breastfeeding stage
If the woman has still not consulted a doctor before taking the medicine.

Side Effects Of The Ralista 60 Mg
Below are some of the side effects of the drug- Ralista 60 Mg. These side effects are mostly shown when a woman uses the drug incorrectly. If you notice any of the side effects do contact a doctor as soon as possible:

Severe Headache
Small lumps being formed in the breast
Redness and rashes on the lower limbs
Slurred speech
Hot flashes
Pain in the chest or the joints
Visionary problems
Rapid breathing
Blood in the sputum

Dosage Of The Drug
The drug contains the primary ingredient Raloxifene. This element is used in drugs widely for the treatment of osteoporosis that could be caused by women who have already hit their menopause. The drug is available in different strengths and should only be taken after the proper consultation of the doctor.

The drug should only be taken at a fixed and should not be given to patients who have suffered from menopause.

When Should The Patient Inform The Doctor
Below are some special cases when the patient should rush to a doctor immediately:

If the patient starts to notice any type of malignancy
If the patient is suffering from any thromboembolic diseases
If the patient has hyperglyceridemia
If the patient has any type of disease in the kidney or the liver.
The drug should be used with caution if the patient is carrying a baby.
The doctor should always be consulted for the best treatment pathway
The drug should be replaced as soon as possible if the patient is suffering from any of the above disorders

General Instructions
The drug should only be used after the doctor has recommended you for it.
Always take the tablet after the doctor has recommended you for it,
Take the drug on time
The seal and packet should be intact and should not be broken when being bought.

Also Check: Cenforce 200mg, Vidalista 60mg for erectile dysfunction.
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